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Client Reviews

Lorissa W.
December 2017

I still come here to see Jenna for my hair color.  The color seems to last quite a bit and my hair doesn't dry out too bad from the chemicals they use here.

Erin D.
March 2018
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Jenna is a master colorist who seriously knows how to make me feel gorgeous even on my worst days! I trust her choice in products as well, and my hair is healthier than it's been in years!

Hannah R.
June 2016

Jenna took me from platinum blonde to a warm and natural brunette. I really have no idea how she managed it but you'd never know my hair was dyed. I'll try to find a before and after picture.

Rebecca S.
December 2016

I am consistently happy with my hair with Jenna, and that has never been the case. She is friendly, flexible, and encouraging. She will do exactly what you want, but she is so good that I can also trust her to do what will look good for me and what is best for my hair. 

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